8 days in Kamchatka. New Summer Program "Uzon-Hodutka" / Mountain & Sport lodge "Snow Valley"

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8 days in Kamchatka. New Summer Program "Uzon-Hodutka"

You've visited Kamchatka in winter and were impressed by volcanoes and spectacular winter views of this mysterious peninsula? We are happy to offer you a summer program that will give you a chance to see the magnificent nature of Kamchatka in summertime. This program is not an extreme one. It was made up to give you an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Nature and to feel yourself in harmony with it. Program made up by our guides includes many different types of activities. You will visit the Kronovskiy National Park, spend a night by the foot of an erupting Karimskiy volcano, climb up into the crater of an active Mutnovskiy volcano. We hope you'll love fishing while rafting down the Bistraya River (the Fast River) and will enjoy the sea trip in the Avachinskaya Bay. You will also have a chance to bathe in the hot thermal springs that will make you stronger and healthier and will become an unforgettable experience of your life!

The best time for your visit to Kamchatka: August, 15 - September, 30

Program includes:
  • A helicopter tour to the Uzon volcano's caldera and to the Valley of Geysers (Kronotskiy National Park);
  • A helicopter tour to the Kurilskoye Lake: watching wild bears, visiting magnificent Belie Waterfalls (the White Waterfalls), visiting the Ksudach volcano and its volcano lakes;
  • River fishing of trout and salmon;
  • A sea trip on the Avachinskaya Bay with sea fishing;
  • City tour (optional)


1 st DAY

10.00 Arrive to the Elizovo airport (30 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy)
Transfer to the Hotel Bel-Kam-Tour (4*)
16.00 Meeting with guides, briefing on safety rules during the tour
19.00 Dinner

Bel-Kam-Tour Hotel is situated in Paratunka village famous for its healing thermal springs and crystal-clear air. All the rooms contain:
  • mini-bar;
  • phone;
  • TV-set;
  • access to the Internet;
  • electronic key.
2 nd DAY

07.00 Breakfast
09.00 Transfer to the Avachinskiy helipad
10.00 Depart from the helicpad to the Hodutka tourist base
11.00 Arrival at the base
12.00 Depart to the Ksudach volcano's caldera
16.00 Depart to the Savan River for fishing
19.00 Return to the Hodutka base, dinner

Hodutka tourist base is situated 140 km away from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. The base consists of two wooden 2-storeyed lodges with the total area of 158,4 m? and the lodge of the keeper. One lodge has a canteen, kitchen and one room for 3-4 people on the first floor, and 3 rooms for tree, four and eight people on the second floor. Toilets are situated outside. The other lodge has a room for 6 people, a toilet and a shower. The keeper lodge is suitable for two people, it has a radio-set and stove heating.

Ksudach volcano. This volcano is only 900 m in height. The bottom of its caldera is divided into two parts: the higher Western one and the Eastern one which is 150-200 m lower. In the place where these two parts split there are two volcanic constructions: a hardened magma outflow in the South, called the Magma Dome and a similar construction just next to it, called the Hovering Ridge. There are small fumaroles coming out from the crevasse on the Hovering Ridge's slopes. A lot of hot springs with the water temperature going up to 80°C are situated by the foot of the Ksudach volcano. They are called the Ksudach Springs. All the Eastern part of the Ksudach caldera is covered with two lakes - the Kluchevoe Lake and the Nighnee Lake. The Kluchevoe Lake is 4х2 km? and is surrounded with vertical walls of 400-500 m in height. The Nighnee Lake with the length of 2 km flows into the Teplaya River which forms a beautiful 20-metres- high waterfall.

3 rd DAY

09.00 Breakfast
10.00 Depart to the Mytnovskiy volcano
11.00 Excursion inside the Mytnovskiy volcano crater

Mytnovskiy volcano is the main volcano of the Mytnovsko-Gorelovskiy group of volcanoes situated 75 km away from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. This group consists of Mytnovskiy volcano composed by several parts of different age with one of the most active fumaroles fields in the world, The Goreliy volcano with a caldera on the top of its cone and an active part located on its ridge, and the old ruined Ghirovskiy volcano with high thermal activity and mineral occurrence of Gold, Lead (Pb) and Zinc (Zn). These volcanoes form a North-Mytnovskiy tectonic zone with a few groups of thermal springs: North-Mytnovskiye Springs, Dachnie Springs, Verhne-ghirovskiye and Viluchinskiye Springs. During a short tour you will see the most interesting parts of these unique natural objects. With the assistance of professional guides you will have an opportunity to have a close look at the water-gas blowouts of fumaroles and huge boiling mud pools.

14.00 Lunch
15.00 Fishing on the Opala River

The Opala River flows in the Southern part of the Kamchatka peninsula falling in the Okhotskoye Sea. The river is about 160 km in length and 50-100 m in width. The water temperature in summertime is about 7-8°C. There are no human settlements along the river. There is a single easy rift down the river. Rafting will begin from the Verhniye-Opalskiye Springs situated in the upstream of the Levaya Opala River (the Left Opala River) - which is one of the Opala River's feeders - down to the Pravaya Opala River (the Right Opala River) and further down the Nighne-Opalskiye Mineral Springs. One of the routes goes through the old caldera of the Opala volcano a few kilometers from its slopes. Places for fishing are chosen during rafting. Fishing is possible nearly everywhere. Good fishing, wild nature, spectacular views and delicious fish will definitely make some inconveniences of the camping life insufficient

19.00   Return to the Hodutka base, dinner

4 th DAY

8.00    Breakfast
9.00    Depart to Kyrilskoye Lake, watching wild bears

Kyrilskoye Lake is an amazing place. It is one of the biggest spawning grounds of salmon in Kamchatks. This beautiful lake is situated in the Southern-Kamchatka National Park and always has been of great interest to those who love wild nature.

It's located in a huge basin of about 300 m in depth. The lake is 9 km in length and 11 km in width, height above sea level accounts for 103 m. It is the third biggest lake of Kamchatka and the second biggest among the freshwater ones following Kronotskoye Lake.

You can find the wild bears all over the place - they come here for salmon fishing. You can even watch them from a special platform.

One of the special features of the lake is its islands. One of them is called the Serdtse Alaida (the Alaid's Heart) because it has a heart-looking shape. There are hundreds of seagulls living on that island. The other two islands are called the Cayachiy Island and the Samang Island. To the South-West from the Iilinskiy volcano there is a bay called the Teplaya Bay (the Warm Bay). There are many openings of the hot mineral springs on the shore that make the water in the bay warm. The Kyrilskoye Lake is a part of the National Park and is also a reserved area for the wild animals.

If you really want to meet with the Kamchatka wild bear don't think it's a simple-minded and slow animal. It's a very strong and tough beast with very good reaction and coordination. These bears can easily break any bone with their teeth, move huge stones with their claws, can climb nearly vertical slopes and sit in cold water for hours. They are very good swimmers and quite good runners; they can catch with a horse on a short distance. They get tired pretty soon though. But what they are really good at is walking - they can do a hundred kilometers in 24 hours. The only thing they can't do is climbing up the trees. Probably they are too heavy for it.

14.00    Lunch. Helicopter tour to the Beliye Waterfalls (the White Waterfalls)

Beliye Waterfalls (the White Waterfalls). These are cold springs located on the outer slope of the central crater of the Koshelevskiy volcano. They come out from the crevasses on the ground, form small blowouts and together fall from a 20-metres-high cliff giving rise to the Leuaya Payghetka River (the Left Paughetka River). The Western Spring falls form a steep cliff and the Eastern one goes down the steep stepped streambed. They water coming out from the ground turns white and looks like milk. The streambed of the springs is also white and hundreds of small blowouts cover black stones next to the springs with snow-looking flakes. The streams of milky water falling down look like a huge moving bedcover. The river's bed is white-and-brown but down the stream water gets clear. The White Waterfalls are the natural sanctuary.

16.00    Helicopter tour to the Kytkhini bati - a unique pumice-stone outcrop in the Ozernovskiy region

Kytkhini bati. There are pumice-stone rocks formed by the water streams and wind erosion in the Ozernaya River basin. The form of the rocks is identical to that of the ancient boats of the natives called "bati" only in the vertical position. Their height reaches 110 m. They were form as a result of a powerful pumice-stone streams eruption. From the ancient times these unusual rocks have been worshipped by the natives. They even have some legends about them

18.00    Depart to the Hodutka tourist base
18.30    Depart to the Avachinskiy helipad. Transfer to the Bel-Kam-Tour Hotel
20.00    Dinner

5 th DAY

09.00    Breakfast. Transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy
12.00-17.00    Sea trip on a speed boat

The sea trip begins from the city's quay where you can enjoy the view on one part of the Avachinskaya Bay surrounded with the beautiful mountain ridges including the Viluchinskiy volcano. The Bay is known as one of the largest and one of the most beautiful in the world. It is very well naturally protected from the storms. Besides enjoying spectacular marine views probably you will be lucky enough to see different species of sea birds and sea mammals - whales, sea lions and eared seals. If you wish you can go for sea fishing (flatfish, halibut and sometimes sharks). Going out from the Bay you will see the symbol of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy - three stones called the "Three Brothers" that are believed to guard the entrance to the Bay.

18.00    Return to the Bel-Kam-Tour Hotel
19.00    Dinner

6 th DAY

08.00    Breakfast
09.00    Depart to the helipad, helicopter tour to the Valley of Geysers
12.00    Arrive to the Valley of Geysers, excursion

The Valley of Geysers known all over the world is the most terrific part of the Kronotskiy National Park with all the guests of Kamchatka willing to get there

This natural object is both gorgeous and rare. You can find such big geysers only ib Iceland and in the Yellowstone Park in the USA. There are smaller geysers in New Zealand, in California, in Japan and in Tibet. But the Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka is definitely the most terrific one.

The Valley of Geysers is a natural sanctuary protected by the state. It is the part of the Kronotskiy National Park and only organized groups of tourists with guides are allowed to visit the Valley. There are special wooden paths made for people not to cause damage to the wild nature

Geysers in the Valley differ form each other a lot. The Troinoi Geyser is famous for the grayish-brown colour of the water and three streams that form the geyser. The Saharniy Geyser (the Sugar Geyser) looks like a huge Lily. The Bolshoi Geyser (the Big Geyser) has the tallest blowout and the Maliy Geyser (the Small Geyser) is the most powerful in the valley having the biggest amount of water coming out in a 24-hour period. Geyser called Velikan (the Giant) is really colossal.

There are more than 20 big and dozens of smaller ones, hundreds of different thermal springs with the boiling springs and hot pools among them, mud pools, water-gas blow-outs and fumaroles. Here some parts of a famous Russian movie "The Land of Sannivov" were filmed.

14.00    Lunch
15.00    Excursion to the Uzon volcano's caldera

Uzon volcano's caldera. The size of this caldera is approximately 9?12 km, and it's one of the largest in Kamchatka. The Eastern part of it is a little bit higher than the Western one and has a hilly terrain. One of the biggest blasting cones of Kamchatka with a diameter of 1.65 km is situated there. There is a lake - the Dalnee Lake - inside this blasting con. The bottom of the Western part of the caldera is swamped. There are a few lakes there with all the water from caldera going into the biggest one called the Tsentralnoye Lake (the Central Lake). From the West and from the North caldera is surrounded with a ring of ridges that are the remains of an old volcano. The West ridge goes up to 700-800 m above the bottom of caldera with its peak - the Baraniy Peak (The Ram's Peak) - rising up to 1 617 m above the sea level.

The hydrothermal activity is concentrated in the Western part of caldera. There are many boiling funnels, mud pools and gas and water blow-outs. There are about 500 hydrothermal objects of different type with 100 springs among them. There are also a peculiar crater-shaped funnels 25-40 m in depth and 25-150 m in width filled with hot water. In the early morning when the air is cool the Uzon's caldera looks magnificent. You will see yellow fields of fumaroles with hundreds gas blow-outs, green trees, brownish swamps and blue lakes

16.00    Depart for fishing on the Ghypanova River

The Ghupanov River is the largest river flowing into the Kronotskiy Bay. It fows down from (берет начало) the ridges of the Unana and the Taunshits volcanoes. Total length of the river is 242 km, depth is about 0.5-2 m, sometimes up to 5 m, the current speed is 1.5-2 m/sec. This river is a wild one, there are no villages by the river's banks. That's why the animals living here are really wild. Hunting is prohibited here so you can watch the wild animals in their normal life. It is the Ghupanov River where the rainbow trout up to 80 cm live. The fishing during the rafting tour will be unforgettable!

20.00    Depart to an overnight by the Karimskoye Lake
21.00    Dinner

7 th DAY

09.00    Breakfast
10.00    Depart to the Avachinskiy helipad. Transfer to the Bel-Kam-Tour Hotel
13.00    City tour
19.00    Dinner

8 th DAY

09.00    Breakfast. Visiting fish market
11.30    Transfer to the Elizovo airport for registration
12.40    Depart from Kamchatka according to the flights schedule

  • meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) ;
  • accommodation in the Bel-Kam-Tour Hotel (4*) (twins/ double standard rooms). Upgrade and luxury rooms are available.
  • professional guides' assistance during all kind of activities. Minimum 2 guides for one group.
  • 12-hours rent of helicopter.
  • rent of a speedboat.
  • group transfers.
  • outdoor equipment: sleeping bags, tents etc.
  • airfares, fuel surcharges, security and air taxes as charged by airlines (the return airfare Moscow-Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy by the Aeroflot Airlines costs approximately 33 000 rubles economy class and 65 000 rubles business class)
  • evacuation fee in an emergency
  • visa fees
  • individual transfers
  • meals, refreshments etc. unless stipulated in the package price
  • extra expenses caused by bad weather, flights schedule changes, equipment breakage, illness or other unforeseen circumstances
  • excess luggage weight fee
  • travel insurance
  • minimum 10 people in the group;
  • maximum 15 people in the group;
  • the hiking routs are chosen by the guides according to the physical state of the people in the group and depending on weather conditions;
  • the program made up for good weather;
  • travel insurance is obligatory.

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